Start Dementia Care

We provide a variety of services for you and your loved one. The first part of an assessment begins with a phone consultation where we discuss your concerns to determine what the next best step will be. Every situation is unique and so are our assessments. Some families will benefit from coming to our office and speaking with a dementia professional, others may need a in-home assessment. After the assessment, a care plan with recommendations will be provided to you.


We will develop a comprehensive plan to meet your needs. The care plan will serve as a guide to help you and your loved ones make informed decisions about safety, in-home care, medication management, food preparation, activities, resources, and other quality of life options. You will now have the necessary tools to make good decisions.


You make the choice of what part of the care plan you would like to implement. If you like, we will help. We will connect you with local resources, programs, services and agencies. We will provide you with excellent referrals to professionals such as; elder attorneys, guardians, financial planners, and neurologists when needed. If the time comes, we will help with appropriate placement options such as independent, assisted and nursing home facilities. If you like, we can schedule regular visits to reassess and continuously monitor the health and well being of your loved one.