Today’s Tip – Pool Safety for Those with Dementia

It’s summer time as I write this and most of the country is having a heat wave.

If you are thinking of going to the club or a community pool with a loved one I have some advice today that I found from Medscape Today News (subscription required). Michele Hiavsa, Chief of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Healthy Swimming Program reminds us that public pools may pose a health risk for everyone who enters the pool.

In a study released by the CDC, researchers found that hotel/motel pools (15.3 percent), and apartment/condo pools (12.4 percent) were most likely to require immediate closures due to improper disinfectant procedures and pH levels that can lead to the presence of disease-causing germs.

Improper disinfectant procedures and pH levels can lead to the presence of disease-causing germs, such as the Shigella, Salmonella and norovirus germs.
A person with dementia has a compromised immune system and is at increased risk for illness.Therefore, caregivers must be extra cautios and follow these 5 tips for water safety:

  1. If a person has diarrhea (and some medications can cause this condition) don’t allow your loved one in the pool for at least two weeks–for their safety and yours.
  2. No swallowing of the water.
  3. Keep water out of the ears.
  4. Don’t go in the water any cuts or open sores. Cover wounds with a waterproof protective bandage.
  5. Do not enter in cloudy water. Cloudy water could indicate the presence of microorganisms or improper PH levels

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